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Once a pest decides to target your home, you are in for quite an unpleasant experience. They will make your home theirs, and in the process, cause physical damage, wreak havoc on gardens and landscaping, and not to mention, many can be carriers for disease. In order to protect your family and property, these problems need to be dealt with quickly by utilizing the professional pest control and removal services offered by Witzend Wildlife.

Professional Pest Control Services       

Every pest is different. Groundhogs will burrow and destroy plants while bats can cause property damage and spread disease. Because no two pests are the same, neither are our control methods. Luckily, our team has experience with just about every type of pest related issue native to the Western New York area. Using this knowledge, we will formulate the best approach for the humane removal of that particular type of pest.

Whether you have bats, birds, skunks, snakes, raccoons, groundhogs, or squirrels, our professionals know how to find where they are nesting and drive them away from your property.

Environmentally Safe Practices

At Witzend Wildlife Services, the safety of your family, pets, and the plant life on your property is our top priority. In our pest removal efforts, we do not use any toxins or sprays which could potentially harm your family or property. Our methods and traps are designed to remove pests and their food sources, thus discouraging them from returning in the future.

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Witzend Wildlife Services is a fully certified and insured pest removal service provider located in Springville, NY, operating throughout the Western New York area. Our professional and friendly staff can quickly assess and resolve any issue. If you are worried about pests on your property causing damage or threatening the health of your family or pets, contact Witzend Wildlife Services today to get your free quote immediately. 

To learn more about our services and specialties, read more on our dedicated pest pages.


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