Bird Control and Bird Removal in Buffalo, NY

How to Identify and Remove Birds

Birds are one of the most abundant animals on earth, with multiple species within almost every ecosystem. Certain species in this area can cause major problems for homeowners, business owners, gardeners, and farmers. Besides taking up residence in houses and other buildings, birds are considered nuisances for their ability to destroy crops such as fruits and nuts. Not all bird species require the same control techniques or cause the same magnitude and type of damage, so proper identification is essential for effective bird control and removal.


Bird species come in all sizes and colors but they all have a few characteristics that are the same. Common features include two wings, two legs, feathers, and beaks that assist with gathering food. The beaks are highly variant and are dependent on the species food sources. For example birds with beaks that are shorter and thicker are best suited for handling and eating seeds whereas carnivores and powerful, sharp, and deeply hooked used to tear and slice through skin or flesh.


Different bird species have different diets, though most avian diets are similar in overall content. For example, crows eat apples and crops, robins eat cherries and grapes, and flocks of the invasive European starling can do significant damage to a variety of small fruit crops. Birds also eat seeds, insects, and worms, while predators like owls feed on small mammals and even other birds. Larger predatory birds feed on fish and snakes, as well.


Birds are found in just about every environment on earth. Habitat preference is mainly species dependent. Some species, like pigeons, house finches and European starlings prefer to live in close proximity to humans, making for a heavy reliance on bird removal and control services. Others birds prefer to keep their distance. Eagles, owls, and woodpeckers are mostly found in wilder habitats.

Problems and Damage

Most all problems with birds occur where suitable habitat is found. Areas with prime nesting location, cover from predators, plentiful food and water are the preferred living conditions. For this fact, birds frequently take up residence in urban residential areas. House eaves, chimneys, gutters, vents, and rooftops all serve as excellent nesting sites. Effective preventative measures need to be taken for proper bird control, and in the case of that they have already made your home theirs too, humane bird removal. Their chirping and mating calls, which can start early and last through the day, can be considered bothersome. Droppings associated with birds and nesting not only make a mess but can also spread disease and parasites such as mites. Some species of birds such as woodpeckers and nut hatches can cause damage to wood structures and siding. 

Bird Prevention and Bird Removal

Bird control and bird removal starts with properly identifying the species and scope of work that will be necessary. From there, we will form a plan to fit your needs, not only immediate but also long term. Depending on species and associated legalities, this could include removal, population control, sealing the birds out, devices to discourage the birds, and any other methods we choose to employ. Contact Witzend Wildlife Services for Buffalo, NY based bird control or removal. 

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