Bat Removal in depew, ny

Witzend Wildlife offers the highest quality in bat control and bat removal services. Our professionals use eco-friendly products to quickly, safely, and efficiently remove bats. They are able to identify points of entry and secure them so that the bats cannot return in the future. Bat removal is only effective if there are also preventative measures used to keep them from returning.

Choose us Before Health Hazards Occur   

Bat guano is often mildly acidic. If too much collects on your home, it can burn holes in wood, brick, and even metal. This can potentially result in water or structural damage. In extreme cases, roofs have collapsed due to an overabundance of bat guano. Be sure to enlist a bat removal service before this tragedy befalls your home.     

In addition to potentially causing damage to your home, bats can present a major health hazard. One critical danger is rabies. Bats infected by rabies can survive long enough to pass it along to other creatures, including pets and humans. Because they fly and are generally nocturnal, it is easy for a rabid bat to catch a person or pet off-guard.


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